Time to Cry Tuesday – This Whole Mom Business

No not a business run by moms, or trying to be a mom and run a business. I am talking about





I have been doing it for 22 years. And I have to tell you just when you think you have it down and you really know what the heck you are doing…

you find out you don’t.

As I told the director of the nursery school 18 years ago when my daughter graduated the 4’s class, “I don’t transition well”. I was both touched and mortified when she quoted me (not by name, thank goodness) during the moving up ceremony.

So here we find ourselves again, only the moving up is not exactly from the 4’s class. College? Really? And with the transition comes all the growing pains. For the graduate. And her mom.

Sometimes what seems to be the clear path to parenting is actually the train wreck. All I can say is the kind of parent you are and the kind of kid you raised makes all the difference in how you drag each other out of the wreckage. We do pretty good at that in this house.

It also doesn’t hurt to have the right people as friends.

Hold on to your hats everyone, we have crossed over to graduation month. If you have been following along the first and second High School graduation posts were killers.


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7 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – This Whole Mom Business

  1. I don’t transition well. That’s funny.
    I know it’ll all be okay and that we’re guaranteed some funny stories along the way.

    Take notesx! I’ll be hitting you up for advice before you know it.’

  2. Joanne Florin

    It’s not really a train wreck. Just Mom and daughter both facing change, which creates fear and uncertainty. At 52, we know all about that. The problem is (and it’s not really a problem), we sort of get it at this stage of the game, and know what needs to get done. The trick is, finding a way to be heard, without the train going off of the tracks! (I’m all too familiar with derailing the train!). Then, of course, the toughest task of all, is stepping aside, and letting them do it their way. (Another thing I’m not so good at!)

    You’re a great Mom, Amy, and I’m so glad you’re two years ahead of me. You’ll be an old pro when I come crying to you then!

    A big kiss and congratulations to Jana. She’s going to do great!

  3. Ivy Mindlin

    You’d be surprise how well “you get it.” You have 2 amazing kids. Be proud. BTW, they wouldn’t be who they are without a few train wrecks here and there. Congrats again to Jana. Wow – college. It really is hard to believe.

  4. Riki

    All i can say is Oy…we will get through this one like we have all the others,with lots of laughs and lots of tears

  5. I just came across your site I am also finding it hard, I mean wasn’t my son just a baby?! Now he is turning 2- already a transition…so many more in my future. I like your upbeat writing and positive remarks about your family 🙂

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