Time to Cry Tuesday – Laughter and Alchohol

Sometimes that is all you need to knock out what ails you. Seriously, 10 days of antibiotics, countless cups of tea and honey, more bowls of chicken soup than I care to think about and I still was not feeling like myself.

It would appear that all I really needed was one night with my 3 girls – the ones who have known me since 6th grade. The same ones who can say one word and set off the kind of laughter that makes my face ache and my sides feel as if they will explode… in a really good way.

Add a few glasses of wine and a crisp morning walk the next day to chase away the time-release hangover. Halfway home from that walk one of them said to me, “you are SO not sick anymore”. And she was right.

Life is hard. Shit happens. Things don’t always go as planned. Illness lingers and stress is ever-present.

So what!

A little fun on the rocks is all any of us truly needs to counter the demons.

Thank you to my O’side girls; who know everything there is to know about me and love me anyway. Who let me lie in their beds and facebook stalk with me on the iPad, laughing until we cry. Who share their clothes, let me eat off their plates, play practical jokes with me and even ‘break’ a guest or two. (hey, every once in a while someone has to be sacrificed for the good of the joke – it’s harmless).

Feeling very fortunate indeed.


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One response to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Laughter and Alchohol

  1. ronni

    Seriously….what is better than that? Perhaps, a hibatchi on the corner, a llama on the beach, 6 degrees from WOW….
    Other than that a night in the Clair is all we need!!!

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