Time to Cry Tuesday – A Hint of Spring

If you live in the northeast, you felt it over the past few days. That ice-glazed mountain of snow you call your yard shrunk down a few inches. Perhaps your gutters came crashing down as the ice dams that formed in them melted. You opened your coat, took off your gloves, gave the snow shovel the finger and smiled when you went outside for the first time in weeks.

You believed in that groundhog, dammit… this winter WILL end soon!

Let’s not get a false sense of security here. We will shift back into the frigid temps before the end of the week. But perhaps we should take a look at this little snow reprieve as a sign that we need to adjust our attitudes about this winter.

It will end. We WILL see our lawns again. The dogs will be able to relieve themselves in places other than the doody lanes that we have shoveled for them. We will garden, and picnic and yes we will actually feel sand between our toes.

And hey, before you know it we will be bitching about the steamy hot summer again.



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2 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – A Hint of Spring

  1. Bonnie Brockett

    Hope Springs Eternal . . .

    enjoyed another of your blogs – thanks Amy

  2. margi

    I love this pic. 🙂

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