Time to Cry Tuesday – Hey, buddy can you spare a dime

Times are tough. And tough times take their toll on charities. Many a start-up has sprung up of late with microgiving solutions that allow people to give on any level they are comfortable.

The latest such brainchild is SwipeGood. This one is a complete no-brainer. The founders believe that giving should be simple, constant and ubiquitous. SwipeGood accomplishes that mission by rounding all your credit card purchases up to the nearest dollar. The ‘spare change’ is given to a charity of your choosing. Brilliant!

When you think about how easy it is to give in this way, continuously and without feeling the pinch, you wonder why no one has thought of this before.

In this season where so much is spent on nonsense and so many in need are doing without, it does my heart good to see an innovative concept like this emerge.

Spare change to effect change.

Nice concept indeed. (and not a bad tagline, now that I think of it)




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One response to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Hey, buddy can you spare a dime

  1. laurie

    First saw this at JC Penney’s. Clerk asked me if i wished to donate 43 cents to the local after school program in the Syracuse City School District where our mega mall is located. No brainer on this one. Hope it catches on everywhere!

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