Time to Cry Tuesday – Love Drop

It’s called micro-giving. A lot of people giving a little can make a big difference. Great concept. Easy to do. And it can change lives.

Nate St. Pierre from ItStartsWith.Us made a commitment to change the world. Yep, that’s right.




And change he has. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of people in need. His latest project is Love Drop. Check out the link. It is really simple to make a difference. The idea is ‘spend a dollar, change a life.’


He has even found a way to make this into a consulting gig for himself to help companies with their own initiatives.

He can tell you about it a lot better than I can. The first video is about Love Drop. The second tells you more about ItStartsWith.Us.

I could be in love.

(fyi, they are not a non-profit so the donations are not tax-deductible, but the concept is still quite unique)


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3 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Love Drop

  1. this is amazing, absolutely amazing!!

    My last post

  2. julie

    this is the next best thing after the movie “pay it forward”. u know a stranger to me, well he’s someone in a chat room i go into, not even really considered an internet friend, he sent me a brand new hp printer from best buy to my door one week after he heard me complain about how i cudnt afford a printer, since i had gotten in 2 car accidents, and became physically disabled. so i emailed him and offered to pay him back, and he said no need, just pay it forward…… i was so happy. restored my faith in mankind. so when i finially got my ssdi checks coming in i went to this vocational testing day that the state offeres and gosh, they were long days. there was one day this girl with a vehicles said i cud ride to the gas station with her and get myself sum lunch cuz i was starving. so we got there, went into arbys i ordered lunch, she ordered nothing. i asked her y not? she said she cud only afford to put gas in the car so she cud make it back to the testing the next day. explained to me that she didnt have anincome and had a disabled little girl. so i thought about what my chat room buddy had said, and i offered to buy her lunch. she ordered a combo and ice cream cone. she really appreciated it. that was my way of paying it forward. it may not have been 150 dollar hp printer, but to my 562.00$ ssdi check, the cost of both of our lunches was more than i shud have spent on any given day. but the nice feeling that came over me as she smiled and ordered herself sum food, and u thought to myself, well now i can say i paid it forward, then i told her the story of the printer, and that i was asked to pay it forward, i thanked her for the opportunity to continue what the chat room guy had so kindly done for me. and when she said thank u for the lunch, i said no problem will u just pay it forward to someone else? i hope she did. another thing this “project” reminds me of, not quite so much tho is the kids that were playing around and started the “attitude of gratitude” project on facebook. a place to say something or someone ur r grateful for every day. and read what others are greatful for. and now this group of kids is somehow finding the money to travel around the united states, and hold small attitude of gratitude little conventions. what a great concept. thx for sharing.

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