Booty Pop – When baby don’t have back

Yes folks, now you too can have that perfect booty. With Booty Pop. What are these, you ask? Well, they are the panties that make your booty pop.

And we want our booty pop because…

Oh right, I am not the demographic.

As they say on the website “Lose that boring backside. Get a Booty-licious booty in an instant?” Oh dear lord. Then what happens when he falls for your big ole backside and you slide those suckers off and he finds the only thing in your panties is that boring backside. So, these are actually butt falsies? What next?

These were found in the Bed Bath & Beyond sale rack. Thinking maybe the BBB shopper out looking for some cookware or maybe a bathroom hutch is not in the market for Booty Pop panties. But hey, you never know.

Makes a nice impulse buy item.


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9 responses to “Booty Pop – When baby don’t have back

  1. I once dated a woman who wore inserts in her bra to give her a larger bust size and she wept when she revealed to me that they were false. I can only imagine a woman revealing to me that her butt-cheeks and sobbing uncontrollably while I slip into a fit of laughter.

    • i often wonder what women are thinking when they pad up under their clothing. is it not to lure someone. then once lured what the hell do you do?

      still wondering why there are not crotch socks on the market. hmmm…. no there is an idea.

  2. When I first saw the commercial for this product I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or shake my head in sorrow.

    False advertisement. I try not to mislead people.

    I think it’s interesting that this was sold in a BBB. I would have thought it was more for a store like “As Seen on TV” or “Spencers.”

  3. Liz

    I need to run this post. Are you game?

  4. laurie

    I was shopping in BBB with my mother in law. We were looking at the bargains when we came across these. You can imagine the laughs we had!
    Hope the BBB buyer still has a job – upstate and downstate both not up for a booty call… maybe they will sell out now that it is costume time.

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