Time to Cry Tuesday – The Old Sunday

This was the first weekend that we were able to settle in since the kids have left.

Let me tell you a little something about Sunday. It was like the old Sundays. You know the ones: stay in bed late, watch a favorite movie, read the whole Sunday Times, go for a long walk… have brunch!

And this is what we did not do: clean the garage, food shop, shuttle anyone any where, go to a soccer game in the heat/cold/pouring rain at some ungodly hour (this one I actually did miss), laundry… or just about anything domestic.

It would seem, my friends, that although I do miss my kids a ton, I am thinking that for 21 years I have been missing Sunday.

And now she is back!


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3 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – The Old Sunday

  1. ellen nelson

    I still have soccer games u can attend!!!!

  2. So glad you have put your “loneliness” to good use. ha, ha

  3. Don’t give up !
    Ya, that’s life……..

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