Time to Cry Tuesday – One in a Million

A million. That’s a hell of alot.

Of anything.

But members of a Facebook group? Many have tried but few have succeeded. Here are few examples of the success stories:

Barack Obama has 1,073,090.

Stephen T Colbert has 1,171,385.

None of this seems to be an obstacle for Speck Mellencamp. The 14-year-old son of Indiana rock star, John Mellencamp, has created the group 1,000,000 people to join, my dad john mellencamp will quit smoking.

Some will say he is crazy to attempt this. Others will ask why John agreed to it. Still others will wonder whether this is a publicity stunt. (I can assure you, it is not).

In my opinion none of this is relevant. What would be relevant is the fact that a 14-year-old son found a way to get through to his dad that just might work. Speck took the language of his generation and spelled out loud and clear a sentiment that maybe, just maybe, his nicotine-addicted dad just can’t ignore.

“Sure kid, get yourself a million members and then I will quit.”

Hmmm, never underestimate the power of a son’s love for his dad. Or the internet. Or the combination of both.


Why has this hit so close to home for me? First, there is nothing I love more than a parent and child story. And a close second would be a creative way to use social media. That coupled with the fact that the Mellencamps have been the kind of friends to faraway members of our family that we are infinitely thankful for. They have been there for them in person when we could not. And for that we will be forever grateful.

For all of you out there who are skeptics, shame on you. There is nothing more thrilling than a young person who will not take no for an answer.

Speck, you are one in a million, whether you hit your goal or not. You are surely destined for greatness. And John, you are one lucky dad who better get ready to pay up because my money is on the kid.

Now friends, go out there and join the group. Tweet, stumble, digg, kirtsy, carrier pigeon or whatever else you can to help spread the word.

(FYI, as of this writing the group has 5,595 members. It was launched the day after Thanksgiving)
UPDATE 12.1.09 11PM: over 42,000 members and picked up by AP. USA Today, Rolling Stone, Washington Post and going strong!)

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4 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – One in a Million

  1. AJ

    I agree. I don’t usually join causes or groups on facebook, much less invite others to do so… I’m very skeptical about them. But partly because I know the people who invited me to join are close friends of the family and partly because as a kid I worried that I didn’t do enough to convince my own farther to stop smoking (as an adult, I know now that he made his choices and smokes are a TOUGH addiction to kick) I decided to join the group and invite all my friends to do so as well. As I said when I invited them, it’s not about the idea that it will take 1,000,000 people to convince a superstar to kick a “bad” habit… it’s about a 14 year old who wants his dad to be around as long as possible.

  2. Aw, I’ve loved John Mellencamp since I was 18! Gotta support this.

  3. Awesome! Couldn’t agree with you more! Will join up today! AND I will spread the word – thanks for a great heads up on this!

  4. Just came across this blog — I laughed so hard I thought my sides would split. Love it!

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