Time to Cry Tuesday – Balance

I know, I know. This is a the longest I have been away from the blogosphere. I needed to cleanse, I suppose.

And cleanse I did. With a fine balance of caffeine and alcohol; laughter and tears; dear old friends and happily some dear new ones.

Ah, girls weekend. Who does not love the sound of that? Even when the ‘girls’ are turning 50 (or 46/47 – some are never really sure of their own age). Another weekend away with 9 women to celebrate the birthday of one very special friend.

We came from 3 stages of her life; childhood, young professional and current. Some crossed categories, others crossed the country, all showed up for the love of one friend that makes each and every one of us feel as if we are the most important person in her life. She is the problem solver. The go-to girl. The no-issue-is-too-big-or-too-small-larger-than-life-let’s-solve -this-baby-for-ya type woman that all of us would throw ourselves in front of a train for. Or a pitcher of bloodies, anyway.

Seriously, this is the woman who you call with anything from a health scare to a stubborn cleaning problem.

Throw in a the most beautiful venue on earth (W Hotel in Miami – more on this during the week) a beach, a pool, 80 degree weather and the most amazing hostess on earth and there is not one of us who is isn’t sitting at work today thinking, ‘why the hell did I come home?’

There is something about friendships like these that give you balance when the whole world tilts to the side. They stand you up, dust you off and make you laugh till you cry and cry till you laugh. Eye make-up did not stand a shot this week. As she so eloquently put it today: “Nothing like a little time away from home to forget all the problems and refuel with some good times.”

Life is hard. Period.

Friends make it not so hard. Period (again).

Only I could keep writing after saying ‘period’.

Thank you to all the amazing women who I shared this weekend with and thank you, as well, for pointing out that most of my wardrobe, in fact, looks like my black bathrobe (more on that tomorrow).

Love you all!

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8 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Balance

  1. Ronni

    Were we really served that cake?????

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you and all of your robes!

  2. Susan

    I couldn’t be happier to have had the lovely pleasure of spending the weekend with such amazing women! WOW6. Looking forward to whatever Q in 2010.

  3. Sounds like paradise! Next time I want in.

  4. Paula

    Sounds luscious!!

  5. What a fun time! It’s great to connect with friends – especially when you have a weekend away! The last time I did this was a spa weekend with a few gals – awesome! I need to do this more often actually – both a weekend with the girls AND the spa! haha!

  6. margi

    Sounds luxurious! Any spa whole-weekend away girlfriend time at this point in time, is. Um, who has a black bathrobe?? I don’t mind living vicariously as limited by small children, our getaway spa times right now are urban, Fridays, with early bedtimes!

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