Time To Cry Tuesday – A Rock Icon

NYC. Hottest day of the summer (by at least 10 degrees). Summerstage in Central Park. The Pretenders.

An amazing night that, even in the heat, reminds me why being too far from NY would never work out for me. The people, the energy, the music. Made me all sentimental in a wow I forgot how much fun the summer in the city can be sort of way. Certainly not a real Time to Cry Tuesday, but screw it. I made the series, I can break the rule once in awhile. So if you feel like really crying today, think sad thoughts.

A little known Amy fact: If I could be any rock ‘n roller I would hands down, no contest want to be Chrissie Hynde. And it would not even have to be the Chrissie of years past. At 58 she can still rock the house. The passion is still there, her voice is amazing, she looks great, and seriously, who does not love a girl that can play guitar like that?

Here is something I did not know, but of course Dr. Jimmy did and pointed it out. She is a strict vegan and animal rights activist. She still owns a Vegan restaurant, The Vegiterranean in her home town of Akron, Ohio (as inI went back to Ohio, and my city was gone’). Note the sign at the concession stand:


I am not gonna lie, I think the drummer might have been dying for a burger but didn’t want to piss off the boss.

I digress. To Chrissie Hynde, not a diva (that has too much of chick connotation and this is no chick) but an icon who surely stands in the top 5 women rockers of all time. You did not disappoint, and you can rest assured that I still want to be you.

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2 responses to “Time To Cry Tuesday – A Rock Icon

  1. Paula

    I always wanted to be her too!! She’s the real deal.

  2. I wanted to be Chrissie Hynde most of the time, but occasionally I wanted to be Debbie Harry.

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