A man walks into a dentist’s office… naked!


No, this is not the beginning of a corny joke. This was on this evening’s news

It seems Christopher Hoff was a little warm today and decided to pay his dentist a visit sans clothing. No biggie, really. Just hop in the car, take a little ride and walk into the reception area with not a stitch of clothing on.

The receptionist? Well she screamed of course.

So he ran.

But the cops found him at home where he claimed to have been sleeping. Bud, just curious, by any chance did you dream about being naked in the dentist’s office? 

Here is the best part. The receptionist was able to identify him immediately because ‘his eyes were very blue and he had a good tan’. Um, hon, this guy had his dick hanging out and you noticed his EYE COLOR? Any one else find this odd?

In case you are wondering he was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of public indecency. And failure to comply with fingerprinting. Maybe they should have taken a print of his… never mind.

So tell me, Dr. Jimmy, have you had any naked patients lately?

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3 responses to “A man walks into a dentist’s office… naked!

  1. Doctor Jimmy

    The most important question I would ask is does he have good insurance? And I would refuse to take impressions of ANYTHING! Was this in Port Washington? Finally, if a patient needs alot of work and has the finances, it’s amazing what a dentist would put up with!

  2. J.

    This is the THIRD guy with no pants… story I have read in the last 24 hours. What is going on? And which bureau is responsible for covering (or uncovering) and reporting these stories?

    Btw, you never hear about women going out in public with the claim, oops, I lost my shirt and bra today (or couldn’t find one). Just sayin’.

  3. I heard this on the way to work this morning. Crazy.
    What the hell are these men thinking???

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