Time to Cry Tuesday – Family Time

‘Yes Mother!’

That is the response I always get from my son when I ask him a sentimental question. I can even hear his tone in a text message. It is half goofing on me half , “yes, I get it and I do know how important it is to you.”

With my daughter home for a few weeks we are all together again for a short while. It is not that we need to be doing anything special. Simply all together is what I crave. Four at the dinner table instead of three. Oops, sorry that would be five, the dog is always under the table.

Last night we ended the long holiday week with a movie night. We all went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Usually I would be less inclined to see a movie of that length on a Sunday night, but the idea of all four of us lined up in those seats together made it very appealing. The film turned out to be engaging and wonderful, but the fact that we all watched it together brought it to another level.

There was a scene at a first birthday party where one of the guests commented that the babies would all be in high school before they turned around. I looked up at Danny with ‘that face’ and he just started laughing. But I know he gets it. 

And to tell you the truth, I don’t believe it is just me. I really do believe the kids find the family time special too. Perhaps it is because the moments are so fleeting. Or maybe it is simply because we truly enjoy each other’s company.

And no, I did not pay them to hang out with us!

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4 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Family Time

  1. My daughter went back to college yesterday. Boo Hoo! I love when everyone is home …. even though it always results in a chaotic house!

  2. I do think that even big kids crave that time together. And since it’s infrequent, it’s even more special. Enjoy it! (And Spring Break isn’t that far away….)

  3. NIce post. You have a beautiful family. Enjoy the moments – they are what mean the most. xx

  4. Steve

    Mine are 25, 21 & 21 (yes twin daughters) Thanks for ‘getting it’ and for sharing that sentiment. I oft times find it challenging to describe the value of just being in the same house/room/theater together – not talking, not anything – just sharing the same space.
    I am not seeking kudos here – but career decisions were made to ensure those times together. Dinnertime / Hours on the tennis courts / travel cheerleading squad (yes I even wrapped the girls hair at night) / trips to college to unpack & pack / ballet / piano lessons / countless school events…and on…and on… and on… as any engaged parent can attest.
    And I am certain they will happily tell anyone who cares to listen that those shared moments have constructed the fabric of their lives and ‘imprinted’ a behavior that will carry to their children.
    The collective of those moments have certainly added to my evolution intellectually and emotionally.
    And a final note. While I am divorced the understanding of the value of those shared moments has provided a framework for my children’s mother and me to remain civil and some might say friendly.
    be well & wishing you and your family many shared moments.

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