Time To Cry Tuesday – Thoughts on Mojo


Well friends, here we are; the final Time to Cry Tuesday of the year. In light of the insane place we have found the world at the close of 2008 I have thought a lot about where we are and how our collective Mojo has faired through the turmoil.

Ah, Mojo. How do you describe its essence?

First, to quote Wikipedia (who did we quote before Wikipedia?) Mojo is a term commonly encountered in the African-American folk belief called hoodoo. A mojo is a type of magic charm…

My kids’ favorite Mojo reference is from Austin Powers when Dr. Evil steals his mojo.

And of course, no Mojo post would be complete without a little Muddy Waters Mojo Working.

To me, your Mojo is what gets you up in the morning and drags your sorry ass through the day making sure that you have at least a few good laughs and meaningful moments during the ride. Mojo is that faint little smile when you remember someone or something that rang your bell, made you FEEL, gave you full technicolor. Mojo, in short, is the joy in life. The fuel to your passions. It is simply put, what makes you YOU.

What is my concern about our collective Mojo? Well, it simply can’t be healthy to wake up every day to the news of the collapse of the business du jour. Banks, auto companies, retailers, ALL those people and charities who drank the Madoff kool-aid. When does it stop and how do we manage it? Do we all swallow on big fat proverbial Xanax and suck this all up till the world shifts back?

Nope, it is like anything else, you just have to deal.

For me, when you lose your Mojo you lose your soul; the part of you that makes it worth being alive. In the face of whatever bad news or challenging circumstance you find yourself, it is that part of you so deep down and real that NOTHING can destroy. Oh, it might get some scars. And it will surely sag a bit and gray with age. But your Mojo, it is yours.

Don’t ever lose it.

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5 responses to “Time To Cry Tuesday – Thoughts on Mojo

  1. Laves

    My first though was: Mojo Nixon


    (listen for Dave Alvin in the ‘Drinkin w/ me Jesus?’ chorus)

    Nixon had a particular knack for celebrity-themed novelty hits (“Elvis Is Everywhere,” “Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child,” “Don Henley Must Die”), but he was prone to gleefully crass rants on a variety of social ills (“I Hate Banks,” “Destroy All Lawyers,” “I Ain’t Gonna Piss In No Jar”), while celebrating lowbrow, blue-collar America in all its trashy, beer-soaked glory. All of it was performed in maximum overdrive on a bed of rockabilly, blues, and R&B, which earned Nixon some friends in the roots rock community but had enough punk attitude — in its own bizarre way — to make him a college radio staple during his heyday.


  2. Thanks Babe! Wise words for the final Tues tears.

  3. jflorin

    Loved this one so much I e-mail it to Mo!

    Maybe it will help him get his Mojo back!

  4. I’ll hold my mojo tight. And I’m happy to share it if anyone needs some extra.

  5. Ivy Mindlin

    You are part of my Mojo. thanks. And may everyone who reads Amy’s blog have a happy healthy new year

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