Time to Cry Tuesday – Nothing Like Family

Before I start this post check this out! One of my 50-something moms posts was picked up by the Fresno Bee! (ok, so it’s not the NYT but it’s a start)

This Time to Cry Tuesday mixes things up a bit and starts with a laugh. For those who are regular readers, you have heard mention of Gary’s toddler dance more than once.

Now don’t get all excited out there (especially you MizLiz, as I know you are dying to see it), this video does not feature Gary. But it does star our kids who named this dance and hold it close to their hearts. So without any further ado, I bring you The Toddler Dance by Danny and Jana.

Where is the time to cry piece, you ask? No worries. A good friend once told me it is good to both laugh and cry every day, then you know you have lived your day to its fullest.

Family. Some cringe at the word, break out in hives, get indigestion, run for cover. Especially this time of year with all the forced reunions and pressure to celebrate. Me? There is nothing more important. I was raised this way, it is in my blood. And I am fortunate enough to be able to say that when I hear the word family I am happy.

There is no feeling greater for a parent of a college student than the moment before they close their eyes and know that everyone is in their own beds under one roof. These times become more rare and increasingly precious. My kids may roll their eyes when I get this way – certainly Danny does because he has not left yet – but I know that in their hearts they feel the same way.

It is a tough world out there, and we as a society are facing very scary realities. But when you sit at a dinner table with your whole family and can laugh and enjoy simply being together, the world out there seems a little easier to face.

Thanks kids, for humoring me. Oh and being the first video on my great new Hannukah present…

a Flip Video camera.

How did daddy know I wanted this? Oh right, because I only mentioned it 1,000 times.

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6 responses to “Time to Cry Tuesday – Nothing Like Family

  1. My childhood family is all gone now. Yes, I have children and grandchildren who I love dearly and who love me enough to visit often. Still, I am reminded that it was the warmth and the love of my childhood family that carries on today. You see, my grandparents and parents taught me and my brother about family. My children learned from their grandparents and, hopefully me. And so it goes. My wish for this holiday season is that we all continue to learn and teach the value of family and loved ones..

  2. You know me well… I did get excited….but enjoyed Jana and Danny’s version. Hope to see Gary’s in person one day (Gary – you WILL dance the Toddler Dance for me, hee hee).

    I love this post. And am looking forward to see you go wild with your new Flip. Look out blogland!

  3. I totally just did the toddler dance in my office.

  4. The toddler dance rules. My family often drives me nuts but I love ’em.

    And yea for the Flip! Hey subtle hints…they work. 😉

  5. Love the dance. What a performance!
    I’m a little scared that you have a flip now, though. Are you going to start a video blog now?

    Enjoy your family, as I can see you are…

  6. I also have happy thoughts when I think of family – I have learnt so much from them (and friends, too, of course). It’s important to be grateful for the blessings of family and friends and not to take them for granted, and I have tried to pay my own tribute to the people in my life in my book ‘Family and More – Enemies or Friends?’ I have also been thinking about what ‘family’ actually is (something I’ve just posted a comment about on my blog http://helenaharpersblog.blogspot.com), because strangers can become as close to us as members of our family and if that’s the case, then all of mankind has the potential to be ‘family’ and we should treat them as such, don’t you think?

    Helena Harper

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