Do Not Open until September 2007…

No joke. This is an actual note from Jana. On the 2nd anniversary of its writing, I thought I would post this to give all of my friends of HS seniors a laugh and let them know that ‘this’ happens in every household. 

I distinctly remember the day she wrote this. Her level of frustration had reached an all time high. In turn, my level of exasperation followed her lead and it would be safe to say the two of us were certainly not having our finest mother-daughter moment. Danny and Gary run for cover in these instances.

We went to our respective corners to lick our wounds and try to decompress. After some time she walked in my office (the command center in the basement) with a folded up piece of paper, sealed on all sides with the words “Open September 2007” written on it. She tacked it on the bulletin board over my desk and made me promise not to open it sooner.

Hard to believe but I actually waited. I did not even hold it up to the light. Every once in awhile during the course of that bittersweet emotional roller coaster of her senior year, I would glance up at it and get all teary-eyed in anticipation of what poignant words could be written inside. After all, was I not the parent that held her hand through the grueling process of college selection? Did I not help her compile the coveted ‘binder’ that had her friends green with envy? Oh wait, I think that might have been my friends. Or were they actually discussing their concerns about my OCD behind my back?

Anyway, I did wait till September 2007 to open this. I came back from the trip to Wisconsin with that pit in my stomach that every mom of a college freshman has. That feeling that maybe the idea of sending my daughter half way across the country was not all that well thought out. I sat down at my desk – tissues in hand – and slowly opened the note, expecting an outpouring of sentimentality.

Instead, I found a genuine piece of my Jana written on that page. With the wit and sarcasm I have grown to both love and miss so desperately. You will always keep me laughing baby girl. I love you.

Oh and now I am starting the process all over again with my OTHER favorite child.

Wait, this was not supposed to be a Time to Cry Tuesday post. 


BTW, as you have read, she finally did say screw you to Penn State and chose to be a Badger instead of a Nitanny Lion. Perhaps it had something to do with that torturous online app.

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8 responses to “Do Not Open until September 2007…

  1. Now that’s what I call love – the real kind. Forget all the other sappy stuff, it’s a myth. This is what it’s about. Loved it.

  2. That’s so nice! I’m sorry you have to do it again. I dread all that stuff – maybe I’ll learn how to have a sense of humor about it all by reading your blog!

  3. ellen Horowitz

    OMG…there’s a binder???!! I can’t even imagine what it will be like to have Jenny away, but maybe this grueling process is what helps the separation become a little easier!

  4. jflorin

    ok, so I am crying, and it’s not Tuesday.

    Yes, I am in college application Hell right now, and one thing is for certain, you will not be seeing my photo in the Port News for Mother of the Year! You may be reading about the murder of a teen, but certainly, not Mother of the Year.

    Thank you Amy, for soliving our printing issues by phone the other night, becuase there was a murder about to take place!!

  5. merlotmom, you would love a dinner at our house (of course we would serve wine).

    wendy, no worries, you are a researcher this will be a piece of cake

    ellen, you are way more orgainzed than me

    and jflorin – i will always serve as the other mother rule and make sure you both don’t kill eachother!

  6. Nice post. I hope that the second time around is a breeze!

  7. Just got back from getting TR settled for her second year of college. My oldest son, RC, is in the middle of college apps right now. It makes me feel so old. And sad.

  8. Ry

    Wow, I wish I had been quick enough to do something like that when I was her age. What a great note! I still remember that process all to well. Hope it goes swimmingly the second time!

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