I will be shamelessly self-promoting my new photo blog, leaving the zip code, here from now on. You won’t be disappointed, I promise. Let’s see if some of you will take the ‘submit’ challenge.

I have always felt that there were words that should be in the english language but were not. Early in my blogging days (way back 3 or 4 months ago) I did a post called Bloganoia. I think that one needs to be revisited, so go vistit. Or re(visit). It is kind of a cool post. 

Anyway, we have always had an ongoing list of words in this family that should have been in the dictionary. One of our favorites was yesternight. The little boy across the street (who is now 13!) said it and we loved it. I believe he is also the author of whobody. (very Suessian). I think that one was in the context of “Whobody farted?”

Tonight, I was battling all sorts of technology (more on that tomorrow) when Jana IM’d me and told me she was going to send me a picture message on my phone. Hmmm, when I was in college calling my parents only once a week – if that – I don’t remember picture messages and IMing being on the menu.

I digress. Imagine my delight when that picture came through. There in the text of good ole’ Frankenstein (a light read) is the word yesternight.

Not gonna lie, I feel kind of sad that it is no longer just ‘our word’.

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3 responses to “Yesternight

  1. Love the word(s)! Here’s my sentences…

    I suspect that my lack of sleep yesternight is gong to catch up with me tomorrowday.

    Whobody gonna mess with me then?

  2. Totally made me laugh (whobody – what a great word!) & I love Liz’s new word – tomorrowday.

  3. Ry

    Whobody farted? Oh that is perfect. I will be using that from now on.

    Turns out yesternight is in the dictionary. At least online. Who knew? I sure didn’t!

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