Why You Should Always Carry a Camera…Everywhere!

NOTE: Shameless self-promotion here. Check out my new photography blog, Leaving the Zip Code. Scroll down and take a look at the past posts. And note this one is designed to be participatory – see the Submit page for details.

For those who have been reading along, you know I have been carrying my camera everywhere. You never know what you might see. This great little camera has a vid option that is kinda cool in a raw and artsy sort of way.

Everyone, meet my dear old friend Seth Diamond. You will find his picture next to the word ‘character’ in the dictionary. This vid was taken at breakfast in a tiny little town in the Adirondacks called North Creek. The waitress was rumored to have a beautiful voice but was quite shy. Seth volunteered to sing first and, well, he got carried away. Gary went back to the our room at the motel and of course he happened to have the Stylistics song on his ipod.

Seth, you make us all feel brand new, baby!

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8 responses to “Why You Should Always Carry a Camera…Everywhere!

  1. Amy – please tell Seth that he was my morning entertainment. So, did the waitress do the encore?!

  2. I keep forgetting to go check out your new blog. Sorry!

    I should send you an entry or two called “Leaving the Zip Code and Getting a Post Code”!!!!


  3. Ivy Mindlin

    OMG. And I knew him way back when…I love Gary’s commentary in the back…”Here it comes”

    Go Seth

  4. Neal Shrier

    Very cute. Not quite a ‘Diamond in the rough”, but certainly good enough for the Borscht Belt!

  5. Love the new blog. Now I have a reason to go places and take my camera : )

  6. Hi! I found your blog through your comment on Dooce. I know how much you enjoyed viewing her movie about cooking and eating edamame. You can view the East Coast video response to that cinematic masterpiece at http://www.ournameisblog.blogspot.com We hope you will leave a comment…I know you will have SOMETHING to say about the crappy lighting.

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