Michelle Obama is the New Wilma Flinstone

(sorry Maddee, you thought it was Betty Rubble, wrong necklace)

Just came home from a stellar night with the First Thursdays. For those of you who are too lazy (or linear) to click the link, these are a group of women who have gotten together for 12 years. We meet mostly on the first Thursday of the month, to laugh and when we have time, to cry. I recommend clicking the link as it is worth reading about them.

Not only did this one actually fall on a first thursday, but we were celebrating a 50th birthday. Birthdays are always a special treat with these women. They come complete with props, songs, gifts (some with batteries – use your imagination), and always lots of wine.

Tonight I was in charge of the camera (of course) and recording the list of running commentary, the best of which started out as ‘Michelle Obama is the New Betty Rubble’. But when researching the images I realized she is actually the new Wilma Flintstone.

Through the years, many women in politics have created a signature look that received attention. In my book, none has been as quite as significant as this.

What was she thinking?

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5 responses to “Michelle Obama is the New Wilma Flinstone

  1. Ry

    Oh no Michelle! Quick get rid of those pearls! That is hilarious.

  2. nelda jean

    michelle obama dresses very much like us,…shops at the same stores you would see me in. Remember the dress she wore on “The View”.? Came out of store from the mall.
    Cindy McCain’s jeans cost approx. $200 and those sandals,..about $500. Not the average American woman could afford her taste in clothes.
    Michelle Obama clearly lives the American dream without the help of millions that Cindy McCain gets from the beer industry.

  3. excellent point. not sure what that has to do with wilma flintstone pearls, though.

  4. You make an astute observation.

    I believe that — like Wilma Flinstone might, were Fred ever elected to anything outside the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes Lodge — Michelle Obama can play a crucial role as First Lady: keeping the president humble. That would be change I can believe in!



  5. LOVE the comparison! Does that make Barack, Fred?

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