Show Me the Money!

No, Danny has not learned to be a drug dealer at camp – although he did seem to feel awfully comfortable handling cash! Jana thought this looked like an evidence photo. I particularly like the hanger sticking out of his head.

During our trip to the fundraiser at camp we had the complete joy of being part of the afterglow. The two girls and two boys who co-chaired, spent the better part of a day engaging in the most fun part of the the afterevent…

counting the loot. This is akin to forgetting how awful labor was once you see the baby.

They sat in the house of one of the camp directors, sorting and counting the cash. And we got to watch! They were so excited. There is always a big competition between the oldest boys’ and girls’ booths. This year the boys beat them by about $100. 

Now get this, the take on just these two booths was almost $15,000!!! I am blown away. Last year’s event raised $40,000. (they are hoping to beat that number). The money is donated to a number of charities, many that are children focused.

Of all the things these kids learn at camp, this could be the most important one.

Now, whoever keyworded ‘lazy jew parents send their kids to camp’ to find this blog, I challenge you to defend your point!

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4 responses to “Show Me the Money!

  1. Ry

    Wow, that’s a lotta dough! Good for them! This really sounds like an excellent camp. I can totally see why you’re so attached to it.

  2. Buff

    Great story and great lessons learned. My favorite part of the morning is opening up your latest blog entry!

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