To the Man/Boy at the MickyD’s on I-95…

it is so not OK for you to being wearing your pants that low!

Look pal, first off, you are way to old for this (mid 20’s at least).

Second, you are white. This is not your look, you are trying to emulate and it doesn’t work for you.

And lastly, you honestly walked like you had a huge load in your pants. I can’t believe that is either a) comfortable, or b) good for your back.

Now, I have an almost 16-year-old son, and I am not ignorant to the low-riding style. I get it. It is a fashion thing and that is fine. I am not saying you should wear your pants up high on your waist.

But let’s face it, dude, when your belt is tightened BELOW your ass there is no way those pants are staying up without that crap-in-the-pants waddle.

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13 responses to “To the Man/Boy at the MickyD’s on I-95…

  1. Liz

    This seems like it would have been a photo op!

  2. sjecyouth

    I just had this conversation the other day. LOL!

  3. Liz, don’t remind me. I am thinking of having the camera surgically implanted. We had just stopped to go to pee and people do get a little weird when they see you walk into a rest stop bathroom with a camera. No way to make friends

    sjecyouth, welcome

    you know this got me to thinking how these kids are way more slaves to fashion than women!

  4. Neal Shrier

    Nice rant Z!

  5. stomaman

    I am a little disturbed. The McD’s rant worries me. It sounds like you’re angry, like, –oh boy–, an old person. And once you start to obsess about style, Harry did you see how long his hair is, you are taking a chance of moving over to the dark side. The side over 60. Be careful. Next thing you know, there will be white guys with huge afros. That must have been your sister covering for you while you were on vacation. Jana, its time to come home, mom needs you.

  6. too funny. don’t be worried, i have a long way to 60.

    always be amused by silly trends. not an age thing.

    hey, i could be like a certain mayor of a southern city who tried to pass a law against visible underwear.

    wait, my husband used to be a white guy with a huge afro. come to think of it, so did you, stomaman.

  7. Ry

    I’ve always kinda understood the low riding thing, I mean below the butt is way too much, but I grew up around skater boys (or is it bois now?) so it was pretty much the norm and I just shook it off.

    Then one day I was walking to the subway and I shit you not this kid’s belt was….around his knees. KNEES!!! If I had a cane I would have shaken it in the air shouting things like “Kids today!”

  8. i am pretty sure gary saw that same guy on the subway. he told me that when the guy lifted his for a minute he saw that his shorts were actually below the bottom of his boxers.

  9. Ry

    Now I wish I had paid attention to what train he got on. Look at me! I’m the baggy pants stalker!

  10. do you think it was only one guy, or a whole village of them?

  11. OMG, just heard a report that Patterson NJ is now looking to pass a law to make sagging pants illegal. i am sorry that goes a bit too far. i smell the violation of some civil liberties here

  12. Amen. Time for the “low rider” style to go the way of the sequined glove. Can’t kids come up with something else, for crying out loud?

  13. stomaman

    did someone say sequined glove.? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the out-take

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