All the Other Vegetables Were Jealous…

…or cucumbers are a girls best friend?

Just came back from a glorious weekend visit with dear friends at their beach house on Fire Island. (more about the visit in my next post).

For those who do not know this place, it is a little slice of heaven. (and the veggies are hot!) A barrier island off of Long Island about 50 miles or so out of NYC. No cars allowed. You take a half hour ferry ride to get there and shoes are definitely optional. It is kid heaven, dog heaven, singles heaven, women of a certain age heaven and from appearances, veggie heaven too. 

Our friends are the ultimate hosts and quite the gardeners. The picture above was taken just before we picked this sucker. (Did I hear someone say Miracle Grow?) He was supposed to be a kirby but apparently if you don’t pick them (or I suppose if you rub them, too) they keep growing. We kept passing him as we went in and out of the kitchen door and he certainly had an alluring personality. One could not help but stare. Or comment for that matter. All sorts of suggestions were made for his fate other than the salad he was destined for.

Poor thing, first circumcized and then tossed in a bowl with some tomatoes, mozzarella and avocado. Brings new meaning to the idea of orgasmic eating, does it not?

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2 responses to “All the Other Vegetables Were Jealous…

  1. Oh my! That is some veggie. Glad your trip was nice. Sounds fab!

  2. Yikes! Even veggies aren’t safe! I love Fire Island! No cars, wagons (yay), all that ails and all that inspires. FI rocks! Sounds like a lovely time; I’m envious! (And thanks for the inspiration because reading this, I just realized that I left the cuke out of my Mediterranean tomato salad!)

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