Time to cry

I know this blog is about laughter, but sometimes we have no choice but to cry. 

Yesterday a dear friend and neighbor lost her life in a tragic traffic accident. She was only 58 years old. This post is a tribute to woman who personified the word family.

Every so often in our lives we come across people who lead by example. We are fortunate enough to live across the street from such a family for the past 20 years. They have 4 grown children, all of whom moved back to the area. A magical grandchild who I have joked about being the third grandparent to. And a circle of friends so wide and deep it is illustrated by the never-ending stream of cars that have lined our street since the hours after the accident.  

This morning I heard a 12-year-old boy and a grown man ask the same thing. “How can you be here one minute and gone the next?”. Of course, there is no explanation that could satisfy either. This is the unfathomable.

We all leave behind a legacy of sorts. I would like to think of hers as our neighborhood guide to motherhood. She taught us all how to be parents. My husband joked with her and asked what she fed those kids to keep them coming back. She knew how to live life to its fullest and spread love through her work as a teacher and the way she presided over her beautiful family. A tireless woman who always had a way of making everyone feel special. A friend said that their family was like 6 degrees of separation in our community. Probably less in my estimation.

The last time I saw her was the day before she died. It was late in the day and she, her husband, daughter and grandson were walking down the street. I looked in my rear view mirror as I passed and waved, and thought to myself how lucky they are to have raised such a beautiful family and be so young to enjoy the next generation. Her daughter is pregnant with her second child… a girl.

A bittersweet cycle of life.

To you, my friend. I can only hope that wherever you are, you are able to see the impact you made on this world.

Some days time loses out over crying.

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6 responses to “Time to cry

  1. LWagz

    Thank you so much for this post. Last week I lost a dear woman who I really only knew through my weekly visits at the farmer’s market, but who somehow touched my life in a very deep way. Actually I believe she touched a lot of people’s lives very deeply with her sheer joy and passion for life.
    I’ve thought a lot of my friend over the last week, but reading your post made me really take time to cry, which was much needed, so thank you!
    This was a beautiful tribute to your friend.

  2. Liz

    Beautiful. I’m sorry for your loss Amy. And glad that you were blessed to know her.

  3. Katie

    Just read your tribute to your friend and neighbor. Uy….how terribly sad. Next time I hug my kids and husband, I’m going to hug them just a little bit tighter and just a little bit longer.

  4. I am sorry for your loss. This is a lovely post.

  5. PamG

    If attendance at a wake is any measure of a life – this woman had a wonderful life. The people just kept coming – we waited on line for 50 minutes before we entered the door to the funeral home, only to wait some more. A family that touched so many lives – a rare and beautiful thing. She will be missed by many.

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss. A very moving tribute.

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